Product DNA has been providing transparency and traceability solutions for the global economy since 2005.

Take advantage of full scope supply chain services at any stage of your journey towards traceability & transparency


Rely on experience and methodology that adapt to your priorities
Extensive supply chain management services focused on validating digitizing and publish data collection

A Dedicated Team of Supply-Chain Traceability Professionals 

Product Traceability Experts

Tackle any industry-specific regulatory challenges that may emerge in your region.

Supply-chain Transparency Consultants

Supply chain management services available for complex strategic solutions and business integrations.

Multi-tiered Customer Success Team (CSM)

Direct and personalized assistance through phone, chat, and video. From onboarding to ongoing support.

A Wide-range of Supply Chain Services

From day-to-day operations to shaping your entire long-term strategic approach.

Global Business Risk Management

Get to know your supply chain and mitigate global risks. For better product quality and brand credibility.


Ensure a well-managed supply chain and prevent counterfeits. For guaranteed product authenticity.

Product Recalls

Ensure a full view of your supply chain and minimize costs and liability risks in product recalls. Before they impact your customers’ trust.


Publish supply chain data in the format you need for compliance with your specific regulatory requirements. By industry and region.

Competitive Edge

Customers trust numbers. Identify opportunities with a transparent supply chain. Better, faster, and more precise than your competitors.

Environmental & Social Awareness

Share your product journey with customers and provide data-proven details about your environmental practices.

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