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Advisory services

Optimize your supply chains
We support you in the creation and implementation of a methodology for traceability that allows better control of data and thus achieves an optimization of your value chain in an objective and non-intrusive way.
  • Collect traceability data on the entire supply chain
  • Map suppliers of a supply chain up to the raw materials
  • Assess each production chain in terms of quality and quantity
  • Provide recommendations to prevent any potential risk of reputation and ensure the right level of transparency in the production process
  • Provide dynamic and regular traceability reports
  • Convey recommendations from independent verification bodies and exchange of best practices with different institutions and NGOs
Product traceability
We give you the opportunity to publish the life cycle of each of your products through our traceability digital platform.
  • Inform the final consumers and allow them to visualize the different production steps of a product recognizable by a unique QR or digit code
  • Communicate about the origin of raw material used, factory identities, your latest audits and certificates, the H2O footprint and CO2 impact of your activities
  • Create a transparent value chain that brings together all actors involved in a supply chain
Brand transparency
Traceability meets the consumers’ need for transparency and strengthens their trust in your brand.
  • Provide comprehensive information to end-consumers on raw materials, production processes, social and environmental commitments regarding your products
  • Inform consumers about the positive values and commitment of your brand
  • Grow consumers’ interest towards the entire production process and its actors, raising their awareness on environmental and social issues.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
We help you build a CSR strategy in implementing and following up on your environmental requirements, human rights and security standards. We can also support you in your certification and audit processes.
  • Provide an external CSR management scheme
  • Evaluate and analyze your CSR system, value your data and improve your processes
  • Create and monitor your social and environmental indicators, execute calculations of impact
  • Provide recommendations in case of potential dysfunction
  • Provide support in the acquisition of labels or standards, assist in your process of conformity to norms and regulations
  • Provide help in compliance and audits follow-up
Training & awareness
We share our expertise in traceability, sustainable economy and responsible entreprenariat through training, workshops and conferences.
  • Provide traceability training
  • Create and conduct CSR workshops and in-house courses
  • Create and provide conferences and awareness programs for universities and schools

Digital solutions
Our digital platform allows you to map your supply chains in a simple, intuitive, and autonomous way. It promotes a transparent approach to the market by providing a dynamic communication solution to consumers.
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CO2 and H2O calculation
For companies in the textile industry, we have developed a CO2 and a H2O calculator in collaboration with Quantis.
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Authentication systems
Thanks to our partnerships with leading companies, we offer various solutions in the field of authentication and identification.
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Micro-video production
Our micro-videos, which rely on data authenticated by blockchain technology, allow you to visualize a product supply chain through each step of production and distribution. In less than 45 seconds, we make your products talk!
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