A methodology designed for your traceability objectives


Based on more than 15 years of experience, we have developed a pragmatic approach in 5 phases.

1. Data collection
Traceability data are collected over the entire scope of the product supply chains.
2. Supply chains mapping
The supply chains, including suppliers and subcontractors, are mapped once all information are collected.
3. Analysis
A qualitative and quantitative analysis of each product step is carried out in order to detect possible anomalies and inconsistencies.
4. Recommandations
We provide feedback to improve your performance, reinforce your agility against unforeseen events in your supply chains and to adjust your purchasing processes.
5. Publication (in private or public mode)
We publish your data in private mode for an internal use for your brand. After a final evaluation, in particular regarding potential confidentiality aspects, you decide to publish your traceability data on the public platform

Industry areas

Designed for public entities and private companies, our traceability methodology is applicable across industries.

Thanks to our experience and the know-how of our business expertise network, we tailor our traceability procedure to the specificity of your sectors, to finished or semi-finished products or raw materials.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Our clients get all the benefit of our collaborations with leading companies in their field.

Our clients testify

To ensure the highest level of quality in our transparency approach, we collaborate with Product DNA. For each step of our product life cycles, the company check the commitments of our actions. Guerlain uses the "Respect-code" platform to publish its data with precision, accuracy and timing.
Bee Respect,
developed by Product DNA for Guerlain
Since 2017 we have been working with the expert team at Product DNA to trace wood from forests to construction sites. This has enabled us to integrate traceability into the core of our purchasing process and make it a part of our relations with suppliers and subcontractors.
Valérie David
Sustainable Development & Transversal Innovation Director
With Product DNA, we are able to make all our products identifiable and our brand transparent. Coping with some quality issues was also made possible and we are able to better cope with fraud and copied products. But first of all, we are very proud to clearly and objectively inform our consumers about BioApply’s supply chains so they could be aware of their purchase decisions according to their ways of consumption.
Frédéric Mauch

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