Architects of traceability since 2005

Product DNA is an advisory firm specializing in product traceability and supply chain mapping

We help organizations in their approach to traceability with the aim of promoting transparency in goods and services.

We offer multi-sectoral expertise to companies and public organizations in their implementation of action plans oriented towards product traceability and brand transparency.

years of expertise
120 M
traced articles
9600 +
traced supply chains

Undertaking a traceability procedure

For a thorough and secure knowledge of your supply chains
Collecting data over the entire product value chain gives you an overall view of the efforts of all the stakeholders involved, from suppliers to subcontractors. Supply chain cartography makes it easier to understand a company’s processes and allows better visibility into each supply chain step while centralizing all relevant data with optimal security.
For a consistent documentation and promotion of your CSR principles
Map your supply chains and publish your traceability data on Connect any physical product to your traceability information with a unique identifier (QR/numerical code).
For reliable, succinct information to the consumer
Inform consumers in a concise and factual way about your raw materials, production processes and CSR policies regarding your products. Being transparent allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors and associate all concerned with your value chain.
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